Oh mah goshhhh. I'm sorry but you guys are REALLY starting to get on my nerves... Like, I can actually laugh and have a good conversation with birdie or derp or finnick but SOME OF YOU PEOPLEEEE. Ergh. I'm just gonna be honest here but like Mulligan and Sideny, you guys are kind of annoying me. Like, Mulligan you called me Voldemort? And why do you always say no one comments on chat after you, because obviously that isn't true. And Sidney, it's reeealllyy weird when you say you're "getting out a chainsaw and going to cut peoples heads off if they dont have a request for you" or something. Sorry but thats not normal. And Rocky-cookie, you're seriously LEAVING FOREVER because me and birdie played a PRANK on you. Lighten up! It's not like we were trying to be mean to you on purpose or anything. Bubbleskirt -.- I feel like you purposely try to annoy me. Like whenever I like something you're always like EW EW EW. Like I never do that to you when you overly obsess about something. And Veen, you always are commenting that people hate you and you take things wayyy to far. No one ever said anything mean to you or even said the words I hate you. And you're like freaking out about your wiki! It doesn't matter! Just let it go dude. .___. Who else, it's not just these people, sometimes u guys can just go over the line. Like when you make those comments saying "I suck at drawing and no one likes me and im always the last comment" pleeease stop posting those! If no one told that to your face, you are the only one who believes it. Now don't start up a big fight or anything. This is HONESTLY how I feel about you guys, it is just really annoying me! I dont know why some of you people act like this, maybe its because you're a bit younger or possibly just because you're messed up in the head. A lot of you take things way to seriously, its good to be serious once in a while but sometimes people are just kidding with you and then it just starts up drama. Like most of the time im just being silly and kidding but right now im serious. Try not to take this too personally, i mean it's just my thoughts. I'm not trying to boss you around or tell you what to do could you just consider taking the weirdness and annoyingness down so you dont annoy me or hurt my brain anymore ok. Sorry this kinda turned into a to be honest kind of thing... xD (this doesnt apply to techincally everyone...)

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