Uhm okay well once apon a time there was a guy named... um... BROCK. Okay so tis guy Brock was like ya know, talking a stroll down the street. He turned teh corner and saw a candy shop and Brock was all like "OH MY GOSH I WANT CANDY!" So brock started running down teh street. But tehn Brock tripped on a pebble and fell into a hole. Brock was like "AHHH OMG IM FALLING!" So yeah, Brock fell into a hole. He was falling for like I dont know, 5 minutes. Then Brock finally hit teh ground. Brock landed on a pile of... golf balls. And then a giant pelican waddled over to Brock and said "Get out of my golf ball collection!" And Brock was like "Whoa man, I didn't know this was your collection." So Brock ran away. But you know Brock, he's kinda clumsy. This time he slipped on a banana peel. Brock flew into a ginger bread house. "I finally made it to teh candy store!" Brock said. And then this really quriky chubby lookin lady comes out and she's like "Oh my Atlanta what is this hippie doing in my humble home?" and Brocks all like "aint nobody got time for dat" and left. So ya know, Brock is still in crazy land. He was lookin around and he saw a rainbow. Brock climbed to teh top of the rainbow but then he fell. You loser Brock. But this time Brock fell for 10 minutes into another hole. This time he landed in a pile of spaghetti. And the Niall Horan came up to Brock and said "What are you doin in mah food bro!?!?!" "OMG ONE DIRECTION" Brock said. But then Harry slapped Brock in the face and Brock fell on teh ground and ran away like a wimp. Brock found himself now in the desert. Psh, gosh Brock. Who knows what happened to him. Like I dont even know this is where it ends so bye. Guys the title doesn't even relate to the story at all. Candi you fail. you guys are probably like ಠ_ಠXD 

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