Bronypowa snivyluver

aka Hilda

  • I live in FL
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is Playing Pokemon and Minecraft And watching MLP
  • Bronypowa snivyluver

    Relationshipping (shipping) is when you make couples not created from stories, tv shows, movies, video games, etc.

    I will introduce you to othelloshipping. Ash x Hilda, one of my favorites. this is a fan fiction about it. Sit back and enjoy. :3

    Ash walked into the Pokémon Center. He looked around for a vending machine. He saw one and put 50 cents in. A bag of chips came out.

    “Pika Pika!” said Pikachu cheerfully. He rummaged through Ash’s bag and took out a bottle of ketchup.

    “So… you carry a bottle of ketchup with you? Everywhere you go?” Ash asked.

    Pikachu gave him a light shock. “Ow! Ok, ok! Sheesh…”

    At that moment, I ran in the Pokémon Center and bumped into Ash. Pikachu landed gracefully on the ground.

    I helped Ash up. “I’m really sorry!” I s…

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