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  • I am I obviously have no gender (I'm pretty sure you guys already know I'm a gurl :P)
  • Bo Bo Joe

    Writing practice

    July 14, 2014 by Bo Bo Joe

    Okay, so since we have a whole bunch of writers I just want to see exactly how everyone writes. It's not like with art where you can just simply SEE how someone draws. If we're going to write the same story, we need to see how we all would handle the same prompt. So, I'm giving you all two prompts to write about.

    1. A girl who finds a quarter

    2. A superhero of your own creation

    All you need to do is write a short story based on these two themes. There are no guidelines, except for that your story must be under 3,000 words (so that, you know, we can actually read through them without spending too much time), and that you should post your completed stories as blog responses and link them back here. You can write in any genre you decide on. You …

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  • Bo Bo Joe

    Character sketches

    July 11, 2014 by Bo Bo Joe

    So, yeah. Have some character descriptions and sketches :3

    Leon is I guess what you would call the "main character" of the story, and he's also the first character to be introduced. His family just moved to a new town due to his father's job transfer, and now he needs to try and fit in to a large new school. He's introverted, hardworking, and prefers not to socialize with others too often. Because of this, he doesn't work too well around other people (they see him as being dorky) and has a difficult time making friends. However, he is very opinionated, can be irritable at times (especially when it comes to his sister Alikae), and is quick to judge. If someone says something that ticks him off, he will likely step in and say something, thoug…

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  • Bo Bo Joe

    Well, since we all seem to be pretty extatic about this whole idea of a YouTube show revolving around Disney Create, I thought that we'd probably need to organize it a bit. So, first off, we need to decide on the characters (which will most likely be you all). All you have to do is write a detailed description on your personality (like a bio), and add in a reference picture of yourself or the representation of yourself. The more detail the description has, the better it will be. Include positive traits, negative traits, overall personality, likes, dislikes, and anything else that might add material to the story.

    Also, another important question that needs to be asked is who's going to be animating. Sure, script and voicing are important, bu…

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  • Bo Bo Joe

    So... I saw that everyone was making the chibis and stuff, so I decided to do all 12 of my main characters in chibi as well ^_^ I hope you guys like them! I won't reveal much about them, though. Their appearances can probably give enough away about them, though xD If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask! None of them have thick eyebrows because whenever I gave any of them thicker eyebrows they reminded me too much of Tyrell from "Golden Sun: Dark Dawn." I was just like, "No." I believe that the pictures are bigger when you click on them. The original images were too large to fit on here, so yeah. I had to shrink them to thumbnails because of the descriptions being cut off at the front :)

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