• I live in Adanac, Neptune.
  • I was born on September 15
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am A birdie gal
  • Birdie*22

    OKAY!! So. I'm planning to make a mascot group drawing!!! ^u^ it's like a collage of all our mascots! So what will happen is you first comment 'Yay, a mascot group drawing!' and post a picture or link of your main mascot in your main style. I'll try to draw it exactly in your style, as if we drew it together! :D I think i'll take 8-15 mascots (including mine). I'll try to fit everything! I won't start drawing it until i get a good amount of people. 

    So far I have 10/15 people.

    People whos mascots ive decided to draw-







    Lilderpderp- Zuesdemigod2002-Cleo



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  • Birdie*22

    I JUST came back from school adn its 4:32 where i am. I had a tornado warning and i had to stay there for so long and i was all by myself, not with my family, some of my friends, and i was so dang scared. I hate the weather these days. I've never been in an actual tornado drill at school and i have so much homework and i have piano class! NO time to relax! Tommorrow's my last day of school and this happens ;n;. What I've been waiting for was sunlight and hot days. What i get is rainy days and thunder. Oh whhhhyyyyyy 

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  • Birdie*22

    I thought of a style that looks really cool! First, here's a picture of it-

    So I really want requests on it! It can be any style I can do (mlp, anime, chibi). I'll draw it for you! Please don't copy it!! So first if you will request fill out this easy form-

    1.Style (manga, chibi, or my little ponies. possibly ats or ppgs.)


    3.Inking color


    I'm totally fine with "Will you draw me and you?" requests! Thanks O3o

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  • Birdie*22

    Alone Here

    June 1, 2013 by Birdie*22

    Nothing's happening in DC, it seems, nor here. Because there's no new art, and I'm one of the only ones, or maybe the only one, in this wiki. Let's get things going....

    I'm so bored.






    I really wanna create but i'm stuck on what to.


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  • Birdie*22

    OMG OMG!!!!

    May 22, 2013 by Birdie*22

    I got this picture approved, and its so popular that ROCKY-COOKIE commented it!  AHHHHHH! This never has happened and im so crazy happy!!!!!!                roiahwtowaemiaeoihrcoiwmoriwajroajwoeirjowejfmahgion

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