So you literally know nothing about me

I ve actually been a cat this whole time sooooo by tomorrowsxmoney-d7bhxwf

that's me as a cat so

first lemme take a selfie-

1. My YOUTUBE crush is Chaoticmonki (Cry) I'm more inlove with him than life ok

2. My favorite band is Mayday Parade and my favorite song of all time is Miserable at best *shrivels in corner and cries*

3. Some of my biggest inspirations include Kurt Cobain, Gerard Way, Frankie Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, Derek Sanders, Miley Cyrus (really stands out but miley *lana del rey voice* I WILL LOVE YOU TIL THE END OF TIMEEEEEEEEEEE!

4. My first near death experience was when I was 2 and my sister tried to feed me to a rabid raccoon...that actually happened.

5. My friends & I are the first people in my school to open up a LGBT club :)

6. I use instagram to support people with depression, anxiety, and/or suicidal thoughts.

7. My favorite category of youtube videos are the gaming videos! -CRY, POODIE, JORDY, MINXXXYY, KEEEEEEEN, ADDDAAYYUUUM, MARKIEEE-

8. I'm the friend in my group that will most likely either burst out in: #GetItRight by Miley Cyrus, Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray, or B.F.F by Frank Iero so i'm like pritty annoying ya feel

9. I have seen Justin Bieber (3 years ago when he was normal) and One Direction/5SOS in concert (Also may get to go see Fall Out Boy over the summer WOOP)

10. I wanna become a Manga artist in Tokyo, Japan but if that doesn't happen I want to become a detective which is why I am currently making a notebook of old serial killers that i spend HOUUURRRSS researching

11. My favorite DC artists are Pinkie & Candi <3

12. I have this weird obsession with looking into theories and subliminal messages in cartoons o.O


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