Last night I realized Disney shut down the pixel painter and I literally laughed for an hour because omf what else did you expect? I'm not gonna go into great detail because I'm uploading a rant onto my youtube about this (youtube is babyruth2001 ;D) but I just want to say: stfu. Like it's ok to be upset about this, guys, I am too. But you all are acting like Disney is so evil and heartless and YES THEY ARE EVIL AND HEARTLESS. SO IS THE WORLD. WELCOME TO REALITY. They are a multi-billionaire company. They could care less about companies. I know they played off that whole "we are moving onto more amazing features and can no longer focus on the interactive feautures" but guys, the real reason they shut down dc was because it was 1. One of their leaset-popular features (not saying nobody was on it, there were a ton of people but it was small for Disney) and 2. IT WAS NO PROFIT. Which means Disney got no money through it. They're a company, they want money. Because Create gave them no money, they got rid of it. So you're right, they don't care that all of you are upset. But why are you all so shocked? This is so typical of Disney and I'm just annoyed because you all act like they are such an evil spawn of satan as if that's anything different. Yes, they are an evil spawn of satan. That happens when you get rich and famous. NOW EVERYBODY GET SOME SLEEP

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