" Uh... Rika?" said a voice.

I whirled around in surprise.

" Oh..." I started, " it's you, Nick... I thought you went home.."

He sat down next to me. He looked just about as sad as I did, but I doubted he was feeling what I was feeling inside. Hate. It suddenly struck me that I was probably defying my parents' will, hating instead of loving. Would they be mad at me? I felt like I wanted to cry some more, but I held it in. Nope. I wasn't going to have ANY more of this feeling. I stood up angrily and took my plate to the sink.

" Hey," Nick stammered, " Let me do that for you."

" I thought you didn't like doing dishes." I said.

Regardless, he took the plate from me and started washing it. He put it in the dishwasher after he was finished.

" You should be gettin' home." I said.

He swept his dirty blond hair out of his face, revealing his hazel eyes- which, to my surprise, were filled with hate also. I wondered why. I heard him mutter under his breath.

" soon... Will I have to explain.."

" What was that?" I asked.

" N-nothing." he said. " Yeah, I probably should be going. I'll come over tomorrow, 'kay? And tell me if anything, um strange happens when you're asleep, hear?"

" Uh, okay." I fumbled. " Bye."

As he headed out the back garden door, I headed upstairs to take a shower. Actually, I didn't feel like taking one so I headed off to sleep. Before I went to sleep I always said my prayers, but I never knew to whom I was praying. I always called them " Person who controls heaven," or something of the like. So when I said my prayers I put in tons of petitions about my parents. Did they make it to heaven? I still wasn't done with my prayers when I drifted off to sleep.

" Uhh.... where am I.." 

I thought I was in bed, but as my vision cleared I was in some world with swirling lights and luminescent colors. Something came out of the distance- I couldn't make it out. Wait- it was two beings- a man and woman. Wait- I knew those people.

" Mom!" I shrieked. " Dad!"

" Rika.." they said. " Come here."

I walked toward them, wondering all the while if I was dead, if Nick came over only to find me dead..

" Why didn't you tell me about the real world?" I stammered.

" Oh, Rika.." they said. " It was for you to have a pure enough heart to fix the world- and your heart still is."

" But you broke it!" I wailed.

" You can, and will, change the world." they said.

" But I'm only an insignificant speck in this world!" I argued.

" Look." my mother said.

She and my father stepped aside to reveal a staggering amount of dominoes, forming the shape of the universe. My father pushed the smallest one, toppling the whole world of dominoes down.

" It doesn't matter how small." he said. " You can change the world."

" Change it." my mother said. " into the world we taught you."

And then, everything started to fade. The bright world, the toppled stack of dominoes- my mother and father.

" NO!" I shrieked. " Wait! Don't go!"

" You can do it..." they said, whilst fading. " Rika..."

I sat up in my bed. It was a dream. And along with that realization came a newfound strength, the strength to change. Change the world. I would be that small domino that changed the whole universe of dominoes.

" Yes." I whispered, knowing my parents would hear. " I will do it."

And somewhere, I was certain. my parents were smiling down upon me.

-End of Chapter 2-

Sooo yeah. Probably not as sad as the first, but how was it?  

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