Chapter 1: The Meeting

Take another step, Lavender Brush.

The alicorn stood, immobilized in fear, as the voice spoke to her. That rustic voice, it was?

Now, don't be afraid.

The lavender alicorn looked down at her hooves, hesitantly making a step forward.

Now, come closer.

Your destiny is near........

Take your pie......



" PIE!" a voice screamed.

Lavender Brush sat up in surprise. She gazed around her room lazily- and up into a mare's face. The mare's magenta color-schemed mane drooped down in curls. Her purple eyes expressed that of frustration.

" Brushie, the pie's burnt."

" Eh?" Lavender Brush rubbed her eyes. " Oh! Celestia, I forgot! Oh, I was positive I set an alarm..."

" Well, I suppose you didn't." the mare laughed.

" I was positive, Flare! Maybe I slept through it.."

Flare Chaser and Lavender Brush rushed down the stairs of her Ponyville summer home, to be met with the sight of a unicorn with a baby-blue coat, and a brown mane with a red stripe. The mare had a stick levitated, prodding out something in the oven. As the thing in the oven came out, the unicorn stumbled back, coughing.

" It smells like burnt cinders." the unicorn coughed.

" Hehe... Sorry, Glitch." Lavender grinned apologetically.

" The smell's nauseating, don't you have anything to get rid of it?" Glitch Gamer, the unicorn, asked.

" Well, I've got these." Flare Chaser held up some scented candles.

" They smell like that smell you get in the Fillydelphian countryside." Lavender sniffed.

" What are we going to eat for breakfast then?" Flare pouted.

" Hm, I dunno." Glitch frowned.

" We could go to the store." Lavender suggested. " We'd have to call someone to watch the house, though. I don't want to wake Eliza or Galaxy Swirl, they have jet lag from coming here."

" Maybe we can call Neon Note or Light Spectrum." Flare suggested.

" No need to call." a mare walked in from a room.

" Yaah!" Glitch shrieked. " C-Curly Quills, don't do that again!"

" Don't worry your little bums off, I'll watch the house." the mare winked.

I shall continue this later.

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