Haha... I spent the majority of last night saving gifs into a file. And all of them are ANIMEEEEEEEEE

I wanted to see if you guys could guess the animes they were from.. I posted one of Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) on the DC page, and Derpu guessed it correct x3

now i wanna do shum more... you can name teh characters if you wish..


This one was so cute omfg

Cat ears -3

Yes I love cat ears too.

All in this together

I'm looking for a wiki situation in which I can use this gif...


Epicness *3*

At first sight

This anime made me cry ;m;

Me in real life

Me at times...

Me when I break things

Me when I break things


This one could or could not be easy, but this anime's cool c:

Now guess! Lol x3

Now some more, upon Derpu's request ^^

Munchie munchie
This is saaaaad
Now, Derpu, you can guess xD

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