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  • Awesomeperson110

    I made some lyric art, and I was thinking you guys could guess what the songs were

    i made the backgrounds and i typed it with my own font, ( well i'm mostly proud of the backgrounds hehe)

    heh ok guess :33

    you could say the artists if you want to

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  • Awesomeperson110

    The snow fell, cloaking the earth with snow as far as the eye could see. The stars twinkled from the heavens above, still not obscured by the drifting snowflakes, rather, making them shine in the process. Cheers and shouts were ringing throughout a small neighborhood, by the name of Fantasia. It was New Year's Eve, and sadly, everyone was too busy inside to enjoy the spectacle outside.

    Except for a certain someone.

    A girl, wrapped in a wearing snow jacket and an old scarf, trudged down the street. Shivering, she looked around town for a shop, or someplace she could stay warm. She placed her hand in her pocket, and felt the crisp twenty-dollar bill, which was all she had. She exhaled in relief, her breath condensating in midair. Her eyes wate…

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  • Awesomeperson110

    Alright, guys.

    This is the blog for characters of the DCW comic. If you were not here at around March 9th through the 15th-25th or around that ( of the year 2014) this project may be unfamiliar to you. This project was originally called the Disney Create Show, but after a while it got scrapped due to lack of perseverance and enthusiasm, and it contained much more than we could handle. But the project has been restarted, but instead made into a comic. Which is so much easier, more time-conservative ( though it may be tedious), and much more around our capability range in general.

    Now, if you'd like to be in the DCW comic, you post your character here. Include a bio, and a full body picture. (Try to include side view and all that stuff). But r…

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  • Awesomeperson110


    June 25, 2014 by Awesomeperson110

    Okay this is just a place to take my head and remove all ideas of stories from it. I'm already on a hiatus with 23 or so stories at the same time, so only a few I may make into stories. The ones I don't you can feel free to make your own story out of it. (Credit me though, but if the idea seems unoriginal to you don't credit me)

    1. So there's this species of mystical creature called the Aikitsune. They're fox like creatures, and they're born pure white. Once they're born they immediately leave their birthplace, and set off to look for a Color. Aikitsunes, after they experience something mentally, or physically, that in all means defines a certain color, they will gain a stripe of that color on their tufts and tail. The first 7 Aikitsune were b…

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  • Awesomeperson110

    Take another step, Lavender Brush.

    The alicorn stood, immobilized in fear, as the voice spoke to her. That rustic voice, it was?

    Now, don't be afraid.

    The lavender alicorn looked down at her hooves, hesitantly making a step forward.

    Now, come closer.

    Your destiny is near........

    Take your pie......



    " PIE!" a voice screamed.

    Lavender Brush sat up in surprise. She gazed around her room lazily- and up into a mare's face. The mare's magenta color-schemed mane drooped down in curls. Her purple eyes expressed that of frustration.

    " Brushie, the pie's burnt."

    " Eh?" Lavender Brush rubbed her eyes. " Oh! Celestia, I forgot! Oh, I was positive I set an alarm..."

    " Well, I suppose you didn't." the mare laughed.

    " I was positive, Flare! Maybe I slept through…

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