"Being a pony is so fun, isn't it?" said Henry "I suppose... if I could, use, these, HOOVES!" screamed Gaius. "You'll get used to it!" replied Henry. "Yeah, if I where a unicorn. Why'd I have to be some stupid normal pony? We got freaking unicorns, but I just get this thing. Ugh..." sighed Gaius. "You should get a job!" said Henry. "WHY?" said Gaius. "Everypony should have a job!" "This is a world where pink horses have rainbow stickers on the butts. Why would anybody here need a job?" "I know TONS of ponies who HAVE jobs!" "Well, do you have a job?" "No..." "I'm not getting one if YOU don't have one," "How about we work together?" "I'd rather die," "I'll kill you if you want!" "NO. I'M FINE. REALLY." "Oh... don't be like that, haha." "Please... Sweet Ce-"

Henry inturepted "You should meet my pony friends!" "You have friends...? I swear thi-" "Let's go meet them, oh. Nyahahaa- which one?" "I don't know, nor do I care..."

"HIHIHIHIHIHI." said Pinkie Pie. "Soul mates..." mumbled Gaius. "Pinkie Pie, meet Gaius. Gaius, meet Pinkie Pie!" said Henry. "Ohhh!!!! I've heard a lot about you!" said Pinkie Pie. "You... have?" replied Gaius. "AHUH! You're new to Ponyville!"



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