• 5sunset5

    People Leaving

    July 11, 2013 by 5sunset5

    I'm really sad that people are leaving the wiki.

    Of course, it is your decision, and I can't force you to stay, but please don't just leave because your friends are leaving. Everyone on this wiki is your friend! (Except trolls) I don't think this will help, either. We can get through this drama, but many people leaving just adds to it.

    Even though one person may be gone, it's not the end of the world. There's a good chance that they'll decide to come back, and even if they don't, remember all the good times we've had on the wiki, as a whole! 

    I know this simple blog post probably won't change how you feel, but I hope I've made a good impression on you. Like I said, I can't force you to stay, but I hope you remember the good times we've had on…

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  • 5sunset5

    I'm thinking of quitting Disney Create. It's been months and my art still hasn't approved. I'm tired and frankly fed up with the whole process. I also hate that your art pretty much belongs to Disney. 

    I am still going to be on the wiki, though. I might make some art but I won't publish it. 

    I know that no one reads my blog posts anyway, but I just wanted to write this down.

    Thank you.

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