Heya DC wiki >:3 It's Lovie here, and..... Inspired by Mist on DC, I'm going to write a story. But, there's actually NO roles. It's kinda like a free-lance story, except YOU guys get to pick your role, your character, etc.

The theme is.... STRANDED ISLAND.

We're all stuck on a stranded island. Simple.

The story is ongoing, so if you have any requests for the story, leave a comment BELOW. :D

I will publish the story in seperate blogs, but don't worry, I'll link them at the end of this blog. :3 Each part will be... um, 6 - 10 lines long. Fill out this simple form:


Name in story:


When you want to appear in story (Begin, Middle, end):



Other information:

Ref. pic (optional)-



Pt. 1:

Pt. 2:

Pt. 3:

(I'll add more as the story goes along)

IT'S BEEN DECIDED! The island will be named: Island Land. Thank you everyone, for your votes!

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