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    Writing Practice 1

    July 14, 2014 by 123LoveLost

    "I can't beileve they talked me into this," Ruth muttered under her breath. Her parents had forced her to go outside that

    morning because apparently she was "on the internet too much". She couldn't help it; she was introduced to technology

    at a young age and has been basically inseparable to her laptop ever since. She tucked several hair strands behind her

    ear as the wind picked up, causing several pieces of hair to fly all over the place. She stared at the ground while she

    walked, carefully counting her steps as she went. A few minutes went by and she was still in the process. She suddenly

    noticed something shiny in the corner of her eye. "Oooh, a quarter!" She said to herself, her arm reaching out and picking

    it up.

    Well this was for Bo uh hope…

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    So, this blog'll be ALL about organizing the Disney Create show. This blog will have the list of participants, animators, writers, voice act/ors, tresses, characters, etc. This is basically to organize. Comment below if I missed you in one of these lists~ (I bet im missing a bunch of people lol)


    For more information, check out BBJ's blog and the discussion.


    • 123LoveLost - Lovie
    • Verena-Chan - Vere
    • RedMonkey101 - Red
    • Rusty Screech - Rusty
    • Birdie-official - Birdie
    • Bo Bo Joe - Bobbie
    • Moon0123 - Mooney
    • Glowb - TBA
    • Bunnygirl124124 - TBA
    • DiamondMaster (Official) - TBA
    • Eraser5


    • Totally me245
    • AwesomePerson110
    • Rusty Screech
    • Mist on DC
    • I Love Mulan
    • Bo Bo Joe
    • Moon0123
    • SameehaGirl11fromDC
    • Eraser5
    • Rapunzelosum
    • Bunnygirl124…

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    Hey, my wiki friends! Lovie here! ^^ Today's blog is a game :D SO, it's called What Wikier do you think of WHEN.... So ill basically list some objects, animals, etc, and you have to name the first wikier that pops into your mind when you hear or see that word XD (try not to offend anyone lol)


    1. Candy
    2. Popcorn
    3. Cow
    4. Headphones
    5. Rain
    6. Sunshine
    7. Paint tool SAI
    8. Steam
    9. Muffins
    10. Elmo
    11. Kitchen
    12. Poodle
    13. Toilet
    14. Pizza
    15. Video games
    16. Cactus
    17. Lion
    18. Minecraft
    19. Cats
    20. Peach
    21. Venus
    22. Uranus
    23. Skype
    24. Google Chrome
    25. Rainbows
    26. Goat
    27. Alpaca
    28. Llama
    29. Fur
    30. Carpet
    31. MLP
    32. Cheese
    33. Virus
    34. MS Paint
    35. School
    36. Glasses
    37. Rose
    38. Romance
    39. Inapropriate
    40. Creepers
    41. Sprite
    42. Diamond
    43. Deviantart
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    Heya DC wiki >:3 It's Lovie here, and..... Inspired by Mist on DC, I'm going to write a story. But, there's actually NO roles. It's kinda like a free-lance story, except YOU guys get to pick your role, your character, etc.

    The theme is.... STRANDED ISLAND.

    We're all stuck on a stranded island. Simple.

    The story is ongoing, so if you have any requests for the story, leave a comment BELOW. :D

    I will publish the story in seperate blogs, but don't worry, I'll link them at the end of this blog. :3 Each part will be... um, 6 - 10 lines long. Fill out this simple form:


    Name in story:


    When you want to appear in story (Begin, Middle, end):



    Other information:

    Ref. pic (optional)-


    Pt. 1:

    Pt. 2:

    Pt. 3:

    (I'll add more as the story go…

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