Hello everybodees! I'm birdie if you don't already know so ^u^ and I was thinking we should celebrate Thanksgiving together. There hasn't been much fun going on the wiki so I thought I should make stuff like this a lot and I WILL! So anyway, thanksgiving celebration. You're most likely wondering what it is. Well, lucky for you, I planned most of it already! 
  Where is it?
I am going to host it in our wiki chat.
When is it?
Wednesday- the day before thanksgiving on 5:30 EST, 2:30 PST
What will we do?
  • Play fun games
  • Have a feast together
  • and some more...

This might sound stupid, but it will all be online and the feast will be fake. I will bring turkey, canberry sauce, grave, apple cider, corn, and mashed potatoes. If you want to bring food, make sure it isn't what I already have. And How? Here are the directions (this will sound a bit stupid too)

1. Go to any Disney Create painter.
2. Create a stamp of the food you'll bring
3. Save it
4. At the celebration I'll tell you the rest.
The games will just be chatting games but probably with a thanksgiving theme. If you want, we can play other games. If you win the games too, you'll either win a request by me or you can pick what game we can do next lol
"How are we going to roleplay, though?"
Pretty simple. Are you gonna be a pilgrim or a native? I'll make a list right now! and if you want, during the celebration you can make ur profile your character. Tell me in the comments what you wanna be 
1. Ghoulgirlgotspirit10
2. Watername2468
3. Jesskitty
Native Americans:
1. Mist
3. Rapunzelosum
4. Fuzzywuzzybunny
5. Kletom
7. DerpyHooves
That's it! Right now to me it sounds silly...but who cares! i think it'll be kinda fun!  EVERYBODY IS INVITED! :D

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