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    DCC Artist Poll

    August 7, 2014 by -birdie-

    Here's the blog to vote for all of the Disney Create Comic Artist stuff. I'll make the poll once all the artists submit the drawing examples. But for now I'll just write what the polls will be so that all you artists will know what to submit.

    ONLY DISNEY CREATE COMIC ARTISTS CAN SUBMIT DRAWINGS so don't even think about it if you're not one


    Artists will sketch an example of a style that they created themselves that we will vote on to choose the main drawing style, and the first sketcher. Artists- You can draw an example for this or for the "Sketch" poll, or both if you'd like. I suggest you draw a fullbody example (if you want I'll be fine with more than one drawing)

    Artists will choose a style from another artist and sketch it out to vote,…

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    March 29, 2014 by -birdie-

    If you need your mind refreshed about what the create-athon is, please read this.

     This page is for the Create-athon schedules. Only people participating in the create-athon and judges will need this, and there is no more time for more members, sorry! (Maybe if there is ever another create-athon!)
    Team Pansy
    Team Daffodil
    Team Bluestar
    Team Rose
    Team Lilac
    Everyone, remember the following rules, you will be disqualified if you-

    • Hack onto another teams account
    • Delete a drawing without the whole team's permission
    • Use stamps in any way (unless you created the stamp- we'll be able to tell)
    • trace
    • Be rude to any other participants
    • you get the point...


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    Everyone is invited, and I hope as much artists as possible can join!

    The Creatathon will be a very competitive competition of multiple teams of Disney Create artists, drawing to win. It will help promote drawing skills such as vision and technique by working together and exchanging knowledge of art! 

    So until Spring starts, we will first of all create teams and judges. Since I'm hosting, I'm going to be one out of 3 judges. To participate as a judge Please comment below if you want to be one. I can only pick 2 judges, so if you don't get picked, you can also, of course, be a participant. Everyone who fills out a form (On the bottom of this page) will be able to jo…

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    PLZ SEE?

    February 9, 2014 by -birdie-

    Hey guys!! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU! But lol i didn't do it yet... 

    So pretty much what I'm gonna do is a drawing. Not gonna tell you what, and don't ask! Anyway I just need you to answer some questions to help me out with this, if you mind try to answer all! I need as many answers as possible! 

    THANK YOU!!!!! I'm excited to show you when I'm done!!

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    this should be fun 

    or else


    So hey guy s dis birdie, you know, that girl who needs a catch phrase for every blog she writes because it will be so cool and every time she makes a blog she'll know what to start with and it will be something really fun to say anyway? yep, even though nobody i know even does that.  I guess I'll just start every blog with this... Well, i feel like talking, kay?

    LETS START OUT WITH A POLL! C'mon, its not that hard. just hlepmeout here (ireallydontwannabeagoodtypernow)

    Lol! I just forgot evrything else i was going to say! Well, according to the poll, imma do one of those things for you for christmas yaay!



    i hope you like me and don't tink my jokes are cheap! And you don't think I'm a nnoying! or rude! or h…

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