• Well, in about a week I'm making my own Pokemon rom hack. I can't now because I need my uncle to update the computer so it could get the emulator and editing programs ^v^. But since I've got time on my hands I'm writing the story plot and designing characters. But I need some characters, and that's where YOU come in. So I'm listing the parts I need. You don't necessarily have to like Pokemon or know what the heck I'm talking about. Basically a rom hack is taking a game ( in this case I'm hacking Pokemon Emerald) and changing, or editing, it to make it your own. So the parts I need are:

    4th Gym Leader (specify type, but if you don't know I'll choose lol)

    7th Gym Leader ( ditto)

    Double Battle Boss

    Single Battle Boss

    Art Museum Owner

    Person with six Magikarps (lolz)

    6th gym leader (ditto previous)

    Antagonist that turns good in the end ( like N)

    Elite Four member

    Professor's helper who turns out to be an epic spy from the art museum who can do karate xD

    So yup :) The first person to comment for each part gets it! And be sure to note what you want to be called in the game :3


    Champion Patricia has challenged you to a battle! (x3 That's meh)

    So that's basically it, hope you'd like to participate, thanks!


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