Some test thing i made for youz guyz to answer xD

Whats your favorite Color??: Erm thats not really hard I love Green!:D
Whatcha Doin Right now: typing!:D
Whats your favorite Animal??: Um *Looks at my user name Tiger_GirlXD* I have no idea Dogs Maybe?
What time is it?: 1:07
What time is it now??: 1:08
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: 6 years older duhh. Do the math -_____-
Whats your favorite subject?: Boy---I mean...Drawing on Dc xD
What kind of car do you want?: Lambrogenie, Porsche, and a Porsche Cayman!
I Cant think of anything else!: Why!!??
Because!:  Well...Thats Pretty Eg-No-ra-Moose of you e.e XD
The Ens! Feel Free to answer the questions xD Some of the questions were ispired by: CandiFloss!:D

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