TeamFinnickOdair is an artist on Disney Create. She has 500+ fans 

Origin of d-name:

After I read Catching Fire, I would always say I was 'Team Finnick Odair' because he was my favorite character.

The Beginning:

I began Disney Create in 2010 with a different account. However, I quit eventually and forgot about the website. One day, I got back on and logged on with my Pixie Hollow username and password. I began drawing on Disney Create again in March 2013.

Art Styles:

The two styles I draw in most often is my manga style and chibi style. I have drawn in PPG stlye but not as much.


I currently have two mascots:

Finny- My main mascot

Bo- She has not been used as much yet, but I will use her more in the future


Inspired by Looking for Alaska

About Me:

I'm 14 and in 9th grade. In my freetime you will probably find me drawing.



-One Direction

-Niall Horan <3 he's da bomb diggity

- Purple!
Cute as a button

- Food



- Little Mix

- Justin Bieber

- My favorite animal is a giraffe

- My favorite food is probably pizza

- Laughing (I am one of those people who will laugh for no reason(

- Reading


- People who lie

- Mean people

- Bugs ew

- Minecraft

- Harry Potter

Friends: no order

- Mist566

















I know I am forgetting alot of people I'M SORRY! If youre not on here let me know and I will add you!

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