Who Is Swimmy130?

Swimmy130 is an artist on DC who has 109+ fans. She mostly draws PPG, but she has started to draw MLPs.

  • Season Poll By Swimmy130
  • For Artist4lifeREMs' Contest By Swimmy130
  • For Mermaid Con. By Swimmy130
  • For Gray-Scale con. By Swimmy130
  • For Theyashds' B-Day Con. By Swimmy130
  • Spring By Swimmy130
  • TO CANDIFLOSS By Swimmy130

Swimmy130s' Favorite Artists

Swimmy130 has LOTS of favorite artists but some are:(NOT IN ANY ORDER)

  • Candifloss
  • Pinkshimmer10
  • Purple-Shimmer
  • Artist4lifeREM
  • Fuuny56
  • Chloe5545
  • disneygirlkaley
  • Awesomeperson110
  • And many more!(Feel free to add your self!)


Swimmy130s' mascots are:(IN ORDER OF HOW MUCH SHE DRAWS THEM)

  • Samantha
  • Red
  • Alexandra
  • Ally
  • Abbey
  • MacKenzie

More will be added as Swimmy130 makes more mascots!


If you have a request for Swimmy130, post it here! Make sure you put your D-Name here, or I cannot make the request! (I Mostly draw PPG and MLPs. I can draw manga/anime if you like!)

Requests that Swimmy130 Made!(Feel free to add a request Swimmy made for you if it's not here!)

  • For Polkadotparty1
  • For PurpleShimmer
  • For PurpleShimmer
  • For a Guest
  • For Sarahcat0881
  • For PurpleShimmer
  • For Artist4lifeREM

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