My wolf OC Sophie

Hey Create! :3 I recently learned about this place about a month or two ago. I wish I had sooner. x3 Any ways this is where I'll put up art or random stuff I have made. Sorta like a gallery. This will probably grow more over the summer. So far this is wip. I will have my Paint Tool Sai drawings up soon.

Made on Create:

Here are a couple of my drawings from create. More to be added later.

Made on Computer:

These are drawings from Paint Tool Sai. This is where most of my newer stuff will be made on.


I am open to requests of your characters or of something you want me to draw :3. Please provide a ref or detailed description of your character or thing. Do NOT claim the art as your own.

What I am able to draw:






-Sharks/fish/sea creatures ect.


-Space related scenes



-Maybe mice?


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