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Shelby's most recent picture on DC


Hiiii! I'm Shelbybeagle. I'm a PPG artist on Disney Create. A LONG time ago I was a sonic artist, but now I'm completely PPG's (Power Puff Girls).

♡ When did you join DC?

Erm, I joined DC a really long time ago, maybe actually third grade e.e but I never really used it until maybe fourth grade, fourth grade was when I noticed they actually started approving my artwork. I didn't use DC as frequently until the summer of 2012, though. 

♡ What made you choose PPG?

Well when I first joined everything was SONIC SONIC SONIC. I could NOT draw a PPG so I tried to draw sonics. To be honest, I wasn't a very good sonic artist when I thought that I was, Lol. I'm pretty sure I'm better at PPG's. I chose PPG because it was the most popular 'thing' at the time, *and still is* and I tried it out and I thought they were just really fun to draw.

♡ Who are your DC BFFS?

My DC BFFS are Theyashd, Teddyfluff19, Allycat11-, lovelykaye, and Lilyblossom7789. We're all such good friends, we actually became friends through dA and Instagram and started texting each other and man, we got really far from there.

I don't really have any other DC BFFS, but I consider everyone on the wiki my best friend c:

♡ Who are your DC Inspirations? 

Oh gosh I have a lot... Some would definitely include; Theyashd. Lilyblossom7789. Teddyfluff19. Allycat11-. lovelykaye. Candifloss. BoBoJoe. pinkshimmer16. lilnan. Babyruth2011. Mist556. artwonder12. SLiNKi47. 

♡ What is your appearance in real life?

Really straight light brown hair, green eyes

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