• What I have so far! Will look better shaded and colored!!!
  • Will look better later...
  • FINISHED! Yayz!


What'cha need to do to get in!

Ok. So First off hi there! I'm Tablet001! And I am going to draw a BIG pic of a bunch of peeps on DC! But the catch is it's in SC form! So whatcha' need to do:

  1. ​First off comment: Commented Right here!
  2. Then post a link, or a pic(whatever suits you) of what you look like
  3. and then I will be announcing the winners along the way! So just cross your fingers you will be in the pic!

​So far I've only ever fitted like 5 SC's in one pic... But I MAY do chibbi... Just depends! So as of right now I'm accepting like... 7 peeps! I might do a part two depending on how popular I am! If you haven't seen my Sc's and are questioning my talent see me here:



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