Hey, Disney Create Wikia! I have noticed a lot of people asking me how requests work. This is the place I'm going to tell you. Please Note: This is NOT a request page, so please do not ask requests in the comments.

Asking the Question

   There are many types of requests, from "me and you" requests to completely random things like drawing a ghost doll in a yellow submarine. If you can't come up with a request, there is one that many people ask. In fact, it is the all time most popular request asked in all of Disney Create. This is the "me and you" request. Some artists don't like to do these because they are so common, but most artists will take them.

   Lots of other people (like me) will come up with something very creative and original for his/her request such as asking, "Can you draw a monkey driving a purple car?". See how random that was? It never hurts to come up with something original.

What the Artist Will Take

   As I said before, it never hurts to come up with something random. Some artists actually will only take certain requests. If the artist has a picture drawn entitled something similar to "I'm Taking Requests!" or "Request Page", that is probably the best place to look when finding out what is okay with the artist. In the picture, the artist may put a list of things he/she will draw and a list of styles he/she will draw it in. If it is not listed there, you could always look at the other art that this artist has made. This will tell you what styles the artist can draw in, how good he/she is at drawing them, and possibly, what the artist will accept as a request.

So What Exactly Is a Request?

   A request is simply to ask someone to do something for you, in this case, asking he/she to draw something of your choice. 

Thank you for reading,

BubbleSkirtDC (talk) 02:59, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

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