reeba02 pic. the neck is weird.

reeba02 practices a lot ok. =.=== She loves making people smile omg<3

Also, if you ask me to draw us together and I don't draw us, PLEASE, PLEASE! Do not take it personally! I'm really busy a lot! <3


Reeba02 has been on Disney Create for about 3 years now. 

She has 46,000+ stars and 1060+ fans.

She appreciates all of her fans! <33333 

reeba02's disney page!

her DC name 

reeba02's first name isn't really 'reeba' lol! it's Rebecca.  Her mother helped her come up with her d-name! XDDD
  1. reeba is a nickname of hers
  2. reeba is a twin and she is the younger one out of the 2. Thus, the '02.' Her twin is 10 minutes older than her. 

her favorite things

her favorite things include (these are in no order)
  • drawing
  • Code Geass
  • Bakuman
  • KawoShin
  • penguins
  • her friends (she loves them)
  • Durarara!!
  • donuts (they are so yummy)
  • swimming anime 'Free!'
I'll add more soon. XD.


There is a lot of things reeba doesn't like. She's a really picky person, lol. 

  • marshmallow fluff. she hates that stuff with a burning passion.
  • wasps
  • i hate the fact that the o key on my laptop doesn't work so i have to copy paste it. I'm used to it now though, plus I don't have money for a new keyboard. 
  • rainy days (i hate them so much)

I'll add more later! <3 

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