Hello here is a random quiz i made when i was bored one day!

  1. What do you like to draw best out of the 3 on DC?

       Wolves       MLP       PPG

  2.Which number is closest to the amout of fans you have an DC?

       1              10          100              100              1000

  3.How many days does it take for a picture to get approve?

     1        10        a month     a year      over 9000!!!!

Now these next questions are "Answer then ur self" type of questions.

  1. If one of your pictures can come to life, which picture would you pick?(you can only pick one!)
  2. What is the color of the white page that first appers when you go to an art app?
  3. If it snowed 3 times a week, how much times did it snow in that week?

Comment ur answers!!! Bai!

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