Pandalover0313 is an artist on Disney Create. She has 17 fans and about 400 stars. She isn't very well known, but hopes to have many fans soon!


Pandalover0313, when she draws herself, has dark brown hair that looks a bit wavy/curly, light brown eyes, and light tan skin. She usually wears blues, greens, teals, and pinks. She usually draws herself as a PPG.


Inky - Pandalover0313's first mascot. She had neon green hair that was tied in long pigtails. She usually wore a striped pink and blue shirt. Panda doesn't use Inky anymore.

Carmen - Panda's next mascot has aqua blue long hair and green eyes. She sometimes has her hair curly and sometimes straight. She wears fashionable and very outgoing clothes. Panda still uses Carmen as one of her mascots.

Lori - Lori is Panda's newest and latest mascot. She has straight orange-brown hair, with light pink eyes. She usually wears a pink shirt with a heart on it with a grey sweater/jacket. Panda has made a lot of drawings with Lori and Carmen in it together. Lori is still used as a mascot.

Some of Her Favorite Artists

  • Candifloss
  • Theyasd
  • Swimmy130
  • Under_Par
  • Tiftif2003
  • Sarasparks
  • Crazydisneyluvr
  • Thedoodler_1234
  • Libbyscout
  • oO_birdie_Oo
  • and more!!! :D


If any of you have requests for me, please put them below this message or in the comments! Thanks :)

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