About Us

Paint_Puppies was a collab account, but it is banned forever. This is due to trolls, and the fact that it is an account with more than one person; reasons most collaborations were banned.


Founder was: Cutie_Cat1001

Co-Founder was:  Lilderpderp

Artists were: Candifloss, LLDelapa, Vampireart4, Lilderpderp, 123Lovelost, mysticmeadows, birdie*22, petshopface,and TB001

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    15 messages
    • I guess yeah lol xd
    • Oh yeah I was in paint puppies :D
  • please

    5 messages
    • Birdie*22 wrote:I totally forgot i joined this but i don tknow the login and ya. I would love to draw on there but i can't login so ple...
    • lol okay ill ask you in chat next time i see you

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