hey guyz! TB here we are going to make an account that WON'T get banned! Here are the rules:


  • 1. only log on at your time!
  • 2. have fun!

Times to log in:

most of you have a club penguin right? Well that is the time we are going to use k? so. I'm going to give you two hours per day. if your not going to be here for a day or two tell me threw email or this page! So I can let other artist claim your spot for that day. Thanks!

8:00-10: CrazyCat1802

10:10-12:10: petshopface  ( i might do live chat while on account)

12:20-2:20: CasualGirl10 (BTW, I might do live chat while i'm drawing. And if i have something coming up either ik about it or it just pops up, i will inform u and tell u when i'm back!)

2:20-4:30 Pengytess (btw ill chat on the wiki when im on the if im not chatting at my time...someone may go...i might be taking shower or eating.When im back ill tell ya...k?)

4:30- 6:40 Mist566

6:40- 9:50 Tablet001  Vice President: Mist566

Secretary: PS :3 (the secretary has almost the same ammount of importance as the VP :3)

Notice yall get two hours and ten minutes to finish the piece of art and ten minutes(hense the extre ten minutes) to log off. Maybe this will work! If not at least I tried! I get an extra hour because I'm the leader! I will also be having a vice president to take charge if I'm gone... So I'm only taking as many spots as I do time slots... So yeah. Remeber: **********CLUB PENGUIN TIME**************** if you don't have a CP make one just to look at the time. It's free. Here is my email to chat about the User and Password please only log on at your time! Thx!

P.S we will think about the name in a lil bit once I have ALL the spots filled up!

-TB001 :3

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