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I found a website that is kinda like create but also very different.

Rate My Drawings

ya thats what its called. I'll list the similarities and differences down there..


Simi: You can draw things and upload them, and get subscribers(fans), and you can subscribe to other artists. Our names i believe are monitored

Diff: Your pictures are not monitored so therefor they get published when you want them to be published. There are more than one program you can use to paint, there is advanced, beginners, and like Java. There is a place for pornography, but that is strictly y'know covered. You do have to be like 13+.  You can have draw chats, where you invite people to come help you draw, and watch you, kinda of like a Join Me. And there is probably a lot more pressure, we are ranked by how our art is rated. Well i hope some of you guys come and join me :), My name on there is XxGreenCatsxX   <---thats my account, ive had it for a while and i didnt post any drawings, but i will soon (:  <--thats the home page :3

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