DC History

She first went on DC to doodle in 2011-2012. The she made an account. Well, that was not good because DC started to delete her drawings. She made a new one in summer 2013.Her  first drawing on this account is for Candi's princess contest which she did not win (by the way it got published).She have made many other drawings and many of them have approved. She has even won a Candifloss contest! 0u0


She draws in PPG,MLP,Nature,Chibi, and many more styles.


She is a sort-of rising star. She only has 35+ fans, and her anger and jealousy makes her put more effoert into each picture she makes.

 Her Friends

  • Derpyhooves78
  • Veen-red-rose
  • Graceraincloud
  • Candifloss
  • Mist556
  • Sceneryzoe

Origianal Characters

Sonic Characters 

  • Rosie (Not realesed)
  • Katrina


  • Fallon
  • Lily (Not realesed)
  • Mully
  • Mulli
  • Shayne
  • Me-me

My little ponies

  • Green Meadows 
  • Petals (Not Drawn yet)
  • Pagent Purple  
  • Painted Tips
  • Mosaic Splash
  • Night Sky
  • Dawn Daylight
  • Daylight Savings

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