"Be yourself and follow your heart, not what other people say!"


Littlecutelily is a not-so famous artist who has videos and a robot on her page.

Untitled (354)

one of her videos

Still, her videos have effort and creativity.

Recently, though, two pictures have been published. One is of Golden Iris, and one of Opal Shine, her OCs. Currently, she has 243 stars and 28 fans. Now, an entry for a contest was published through thousands!

Favourite Artists

Like most artists, Littlecutelily loves candifloss and BoBoJoe. She fanned some artists a long time ago, but now she regrets it. She refuses to say who they are because they may feel sad or insecure. She also loves sunnykitty123 and Funny56.


One pony has been published and is called Opal Shine. She has purple skin and yellow hair in a red hairband. Her cutie mark is an opal, and her talent is helping Rarity in her shop. Opal Shine also has a little sister named Sapphire Shine. Opal Shine would like to be friends with the following.

  1. Wonder Art
  2. Spectra Electra
  3. Sunset Bliss
  4. Web Wing/Wish Wing
  5. Crystal Clear
  6. Tornado Twirl

Please add your pony if you think i will like them!


Please add friends!

  1. sunnykitty123
  2. lilycutegem
  3. candifloss
  4. WaltDisneysMulan


Edits made by sunnykitty123

and lilycutegem

Extra note: I do not go on that often, so no more comments or I won't hear them, probably. Since DC shut down, I don't go on.

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