Lilycutegem is a little-known artist on Disney Create with 143 stars and 10 fans.
PPG Blossom!



Lilycutegem primalily draws ppg, but also uses manga and my little pony.

Thoughts on thievery

I absolutely HATE it, even though no one has ever copied me! It's just wrong to be stealing other people's art.


My friends are in no pacticular order. If your not there you may add yourself, but if i find out you are a copier I WILL DELETE YOU FROM MY LIST!

  1. Littlecutelily
  2. frankentine274
  3. cheerbaby2001
  4. Sunnykitty123!


Lilycutegem has a few mascots. They are as follows:

  1. Caramel
    New mascot!


  2. Bubbles (not disney create released yet)
  3. Rainbow (not disney create released yet)
  4. Stella (not disney create released yet)

BTW:I'm thinking of realising one! (comment which)

Favourite  artists

my favourite artist's are as follows (they are in order of how I like them) Also,please don't make mean comments of where you are on this list or if you aren't there. Remember, this is MY opinoin!

  1. Candifloss
  2. Sunnykitty123
  3. Bobojoe
  4. Under_par
  5. funny56
  6. animals 12
  7. Littlecutelily


Hey artists! Just to tell you I've got a new style of ppg! ( Don't call me a copier, but it does look like candifloss's ppg's) Except for that i wanted to tell you 1 more thing .I've made a collab! Sorry, but i am not telling d-name and pass except if I know for sure you can join.

Art made for me

If you made some art for me could you please put it here:

  • By littlecutelily
  • by littlecutelily
  • by sunnykitty123

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