Klairej is a fairly known throughout DC, with 530+ fans and probably mostly known for her MLP Creations.

Art Prefrences

I usually draw MLP's, but lately I have been drawing wolves for some people. But I really only draw MLP's!


A lot of stuff. c:


Stuff not getting posted, mean/rude people, and many other people/things.

Art History

When I was on DC one day, I was not popular at all, so I wanted to become more popular, so I started to create what was actually cool to me, but then I saw the great artists like Unknownartist, lilli2004 , and PastelePony(NicoletteMarie before). Then I created my first MLP OC. Paint Bloom. Then I created MLP Giveaways! Then I became pretty popular with those! ^^ Then I eventually stopped with those.  Then I was thinking about retiring from Disney Create. I thought about it, but I didn't retire, I just at the moment, not inspired by anything, so stopping for now. On second thought, I am retiring, Disney is just so hard to work with. :3


I have long brown hair. Brown Eyes, Not very tall only 5'0. 


I have a very tough, and mean personality, but at the same time, a gentle and kind personality! If you are mean to me you will get a very mean and rude, sassy kinda personality, but if you don't do anything to anger me, you will be fine. ;D


Okay, umm, waayyyy to many to name and or count.

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