DC Stuff

DC has always been a fun place. I really quite enjoy it; it's really fun. I totally recommend it to you. :) 

What I Like

  • horror movies
  • cute guys
  • Plusle (a pokemon)
  • stuffed animals
  • unicorns
  • mustaches :{D
  • zebra and leopard prints
  • masquerade balls
  • girlyness
  • hello kitty
  • 1D and Vocaloid
  • drawing
  • potatoes
  • girrafes
  • chainsaws >:)
  • batman

What I Hate

  • bugs
  • copy cats
  • annoying people
  • BIRDS! (I'm scared of them) :'(
  • dresses with belts
  • pueberty
  • celery
  • brussels sprouts
  • pineapple (yuck!)
  • sasauge
  • perverted people
  • Chibi drawing. :31
  • It's MockingJay1001 and me, PinkPop100-!
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Isn't it cool? Made it myself!

My Fave Drawings (by me)

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