Welcome to "How To Make OSCs" tutorial!  If you are huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, but you don't know or having trouble of drawing a character of your own in Sonic style? You're on right page of making OSCs tutorial! In fact OSCs is stand for Original Sonic Characters, and it's one of popular style along with PPGs, chibi and an anime/manga and other style! 

How to make OSC

If you are looking one of artist's pic in OSC style, it might look simple to you, but it takes a lot of effort to make one OSC. In order to make your own OSC, you should really need to have inspiration first. Inspiration comes from everywhere,  if you are troubling with inspiration, I recommend to look at SC artists' artwork which it may help you to picture your OSC in your head before you draw anything! If you look at SC artist's picture and you copy their artwork, which it will lead no inspiration for you, please keep in that mind: BE ORIGINAL! 

How to sketch an OSC body parts

After you are done with creative OSC, you need simply sketch first, if you skip sketching part your OSC will look not good. You will need use any light colors pen before using black pen, if you use dark color it can make harder to see and draw with black pen. I recommend you can use light blue, because it's very easier to see and draw with black pen!

Secondly, you need draw a stick man in light color first because it can help making a muzzle first, but ALWAYS draw a head first which means always draw a muzzle first before the eyes or the hair. Skipping this step will make mistake of your head, even with body! Before creating a muzzle you need to pick any animal of your character is. If you pick a fox, or a wolf you need create a fluffy muzzle to show that your OSC is a fox or a wolf. A great example a character have fluffy muzzle is Tails the fox, when you see Tails' muzzle you will see that his end of tip muzzle have furs coming out of his muzzle!

Work in Process (WIP)

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