Social/Where you can find me

  • Disney Create- GottaLoveToast1528
  • Youtube- SummerBornArtist/Artist Born In Da Summer

Toast 2

Love Toast!


You GottaLoveToast

Facts :D

  1. I love toast :D
  2. I am obsessed with unicorns >U<
  3. I ink drawings in different colors such as pink or blue
  4. I can make bows out of Duck Tape :)
  5. I have my own art room
  6. Horror films are my favorite! Especially The Conjuring >:3
  7. I love 1D (HARRY IS MINE)
  8. My fave iconic character (like Hello Kitty) is Pandapple
  9. I HATTTTTEEEEE painting (I suck at it lol)
  10. I'm a tomboy
  11. My dolls are haunted o-o

Art styles

  • Kawaii
  • manga/anime
  • chibi
  • cartoony
  • stick figures

  • Drawn for me by Katebith
  • EW yeaaasss I drew this monstrousity
  • Cute green paint

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