(Please add your DC name please! Thank you!)
  • By Pufflepal876
  • It technically is my first drawing since I did draw some of it, but my first thing was an animod. By Mist
  • My first saved static drawing ever on DC. By Mist
  • My first ppg by pengytess
  • Welp, this is the first picture. The rest before it were animations o3o ~Drizzleanime
  • This was my first picture! It was totally ugly, I know... By: Totally_me245 (Or D-name Spark_eye245)
  • Hermione Granger by GraceRaincloud //slapped
  • my first shared art by iwantpeace
  • This is technically my first drawing on Disney Create which I found .It was of Jane from Tarzan. By WaltDisneysMulan
  • thetardisrock's first completed DC drawing
  • My first drawing of the Nyan cat (which is actually better than my second one)- By Bo Bo Joe
  • My first pic was made with stamps, and my second was a copy, so this is my first original pic on DC. -Rustyscreech
  • I'm pretty sure I was 9 or 10 when I made this... I think it might have been 2009, whenever create started. Don't worry i'm better now haha
  • oO_birdie_Oo
  • first ever DC pic that approved... by tinton
  • well see i deleted my VERY first, but this was the next. Lol it looks good but it was so easy and yet it has my most stars O.o
  • my ppg drawing EVER!
  • Um this is my first picture :P
  • Red's first artwork on DC.. omg o_o
  • Cutesie Kittie by Im_Pawprintz
  • By SK123... This isn't my real first :I The first pic I drew cannot be found ;A;
  • My first approved drawing! (: By Disney4Disney
  • The Pitcher By Flyingace4 (Young me was amazing)
  • Taylor Swift.(SUPPOSED 2 be..O_o) ~Samee~ (hey i hadn't found the paint bucket yet! :P)
  • I was (and still am) a major HTTYD fan! :) - Babbas19
  • My first drawing. OOOOOOOH YEAH. It stinks.
  • CLICK ON IT IT MOVES By BubbleSkirt/Kirokonnai...Since DC shut down, I couldn't get the original, but I tried to remake it! This was my very first creation, entitled "Muddy Running Child." xD
To remember Dinsey Create I will ask all DC artists, that care to, to put your first picture you drew on DC in this slideshow. This is inspired by the 'Gallery of your best art' page. Please don't try to put your pictures in the front and only add ONE picture. This does not include photo mash-ups, video mash-ups, animations, or animods. Add  your first picture that you DREW on DC.

I hope lots of people do this! :D

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