Be creative

be creative, don't STEAL!! (my drawing on DC so don't copy)

Firered-2013 has light brown hair and dark brown eyes.  She mostly draws in PPG and has 15 fans! (she started on 8/1/2013 so her account is 3 days old)


I draw PPG pretty good, and anime is okay. But on paper fire is really good and wishes she could become an artist or a lawyer.Fire has been drawing since she was 3 by drawing shapes and learning to write her name. at the age of 4 she could draw a head and messy hair and eyes. Fire is now drawing realistic and is always trying to draw new things!


I am taking request in every style, when I get to many i might take a while, (i would never say NO) 


If you wanna be friends with me, the answer is always yes! I love each of you soo much!


I hate stealers, i would never steal and I really don't want people stealing from me. If I ever see someone who stole my drawing WATCH OUT! I'LL COME FOR YOU!!! Simple words to live by!

DON"T STEAL!!!!                                                  

Random art!

  • me in anime
  • me in slightly messy PPG
  • me and TeamFinnickOdair for TeamFinnickOdair
  • me and bubbleskirt for bubbleskirt
  • hi DC i was really bored
  • by xXRavenLightXx
  • for raven! drew by me
If you want you can ad pictures of me and you together that you drew! 

also if you fan me i'll fan you back! [1]

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