My PPG Style

ME(by Fire-Love100)

Hey Everyone I'm Fire-Love100 on DC I draw mostly PPG(PowerPuff Girl) Style & my own Style(Chiame) I can draw Chibi a little bit of Anime & I can draw in MLP: FiM(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).


  • I'm really Shy when I'm with diffrent people instead of my family
  • I talk A LOT
  • That should be it then(I think xD)

What I Look Like

  • Hair Style: Shoulder Long & Its Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • I really leave my hair down it has all the same stuff(Color & Style)So that's what I look like(IN REAL LIFE)!

Questions & some Answers

Q: When did you join DC? A: I've been drawing before I got the Account, so I signed up August 2nd 2013.   Q: Do you have any 'Close' friends in REAL LIFE??  A: No not real close friends, I have some, but No they're just weekend time seeing them(Every sunday).  Q: Do you have any Pets??  A: Yes, I have 3, A Dog(he's 14) and 2 Cats(1's 9 and the other's 19).  Anything else for Questions(just add/edit it and post your question on here!)??

I'm Taking A BREAK

Sorry I just can't handle trying to keep my Friends on here & the DRAMA  I can't take it all!  Most of the time I can but sorry I'm taking a BREAK from the Drama I'll only come on when my BEST DCFs come on chat so Good Luck with all YOUR Drama/WAR!


Here is my DCF's listed below!














If I forgot anyone else or anyone who wants to be my friend please list yourself/Name(DC or here) Thank You!

And this is my Pics of my style look below
  • Chiame My new style Thanks to Ghoulgirlgotspirt10 for the Name!
  • My PPG Style
  • ME(Fire!)
And That should be it then!


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    • fire your one of my best friends no one else talks to me veen stopped talking to me ans psf quit now you what friends do i have left

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