Don't change your awesomeness on me my friends. I can't forgive you for that. I love you. 

About Eclipse

Eclipse is an unpopular DC artist and unpopular deviant.  She had a guest name because her d-name never approved. She was hoping it would, because the name she wanted was Eclipseowl. 


  • Art
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Animals
  • Drawing
  • When you draw something for her
  • You because she loves you


  • Justin Bieber
  • 1D
  • Inappropriate stuff
  • Violence
  • Swearing


My dA Account


Add yourself!

  • Sameehagirl11! ^_^ 
  • Awesomeperson110
  • Mist on DC ;3
  • CoconutSprinkles
  • DanceDCcreate
  • Drizzleanime
  • Under_Par

How Did I Find Disney Create?

At least a year ago I wanted something to draw on and share my drawing on. I was playing on Disney and I found Disney Create in the "Games" section. I tried it out. I wasn't that great at "Digital Art" at that time. I went on it every day but I couldn't have an account until December 2013. I became more fond of digital art once i used Candifloss's PPGs as a reference to draw my own. I kept trying by using everyone's PPGs as a reference and I finally drew one. But before I tried drawing, I made mashups and other stuff. I fell in love with Disney Create. I had 30+ fans, and 100+ stars. It's not very many, but I was proud of myself. 

How Did I Find Disney Create Wikia?

I was looking up "Under_Par Disney Create" on my computer. The results had the wikia and everything. I checked it out and Par surely was on here. In March 2014, I asked my dad if I could make an account and he said yes. I was so happy because almost all my favorite artists were here! I come on everyday and I'm on a lot.  I'm not very popular or well-liked on here, well, I don't think I am. 


I have light brown hair and darkish brown eyes. I'm not very tall. I'm about 4'2" maybe? I have tanish skin. My hair is straight and the length is to about my shoulders. 


I have allergies to makeup. When I was about 5 my Aunt bought me a makeup kit and my mom put it on me. We didn't know I had allergies to makeup at the moment. My mom started taking pictures and my face began to get red and puffy. I began to tear up, my nose was running, and I had a sore throat. I haven't worn makeup since.

My OCs

  • Eclipse (Me-HUMAN)
  • Pink Song- MLP
  • Cherry- HUMAN
  • Aubrey- SC


  • Emery for Fingerpaint888 on deviantART
  • Ash as a human for KMF
  • Me and SV for SV
  • Ruby Jo for EmilyFeathers204 on dA
  • Mazel for Par
  • Cassie for SV
  • Something in Page Doll Style for DerpyHooves
  • Entry for DC PPG Contest

Pics for Me

These are pics for me by others :3 Fan Art or People I Requested :D

  • From EnchantedWolves98! {Requested} She made me a wolf owo
  • From Gumbles to me {Requested} Me and Gumbles
  • By AP. Me and AP, {Requested}
  • My OC Cherry, drawn by Peace {Fan Art}
  • Me and Dance by Dance {Requested}
  • Me and Eclipse! ~Requested~
Upload more if you drew something for me! Please say if I requested it or if it was Fan Art!

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