Natasuki picture thingy
Her main fursona/mascot, Natasuki ((RETIRED))



Fan Count:


Art Style(s):

Manga, (attempted) Realism, Chibi

Other Mascots ((RETIRED)):

Nova, Lunar Leap, Patches


July 1st

Drizzleanime was a semi-popular artist on Disney Create with just over 100+ fans

Her most popular piece was a contest entry for a Valentine's Day entry.

About Me

I am but a simple meme farmer trying to provide quality memes to the public.


Nah, I'm just pulling your leg. I'm Drizzle and I like to animate/draw.

You can find me on these sites!

Tumblr: raptorgooseempress

DeviantArt: Vilkstroph

Instagram: raptorgoose

Drawcast: vyvivy

Framecast: vyvivy

Youtube: vyvivy


So, I came along Disney when I was rather young. I didn't have an account then, but I drew a lot on DC. Eventually I decided to make an account, and I wasn't very popular, pretty much all I did was draw and animate, but I never published anything other than this one contest entry. But that was all on my old account, Drizzlemistwolf. Soon, I gave up on Disney, but came back, hoping for a new start, so I made a new account, known as Drizzleanime! The first thing I drew was my main OC, Drizzlemist (Now just Drizzle). I drew several pictures of her, but only one got published, I began to give up when my sister, NiNi_Bug, decided to give me some tips. She told me to try to make something belonging to Disney, just for a kickstart. So I made Rapunzel from Tangled, that helped me get some fame. But, I decided to once again, start over. That was when I made Natasuki, she wasn't going to officially replace Drizzle, she was made, just for a new beginning on DC. So, Natasuki gave me a decent number, but then I decided to make a MLP OC, I named her Nova, she wasn't my Official OC, but I just made her. I drew her several times, before I realized I was getting off of my wolf-drawing track. So I started drawing animals again (I also drew MLP again, but they never got published). I kept on drawing, until I tried doing realistic stuff, and my "The Guardian of the Gate" got me rather popular. So that made me happy. Then, when it was around Febuary, I made my Valentine's Day entry. That was what made me jump from, 60+ fans, to 127 fans. Though I never got to reach my goal of 200+ fans, I am grateful that so many people liked my art, to make me keep going, and finally reach 100+ fans. And if any of those people who fanned me, and liked my art, I give you a great BIG thanks!

  • Fanart from RustyScreech!
About Drizzleanime

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