DoggieART is a collab account. Later a troll attacked into the collab, saying innappropriate words. He attacked until the account got banned by Disney. 

DoggieART jobs

Presidents: Petshopface and Wolfywolf44

Vice presidents: Crazycat1802 and Casualgirl10

Judge: Bronypowa_snivyluver

replace ment president: Casualgirl10

artists: Petshopface, Wolfywolf44, Crazycat1802, Bronypowasnivyluver, Casualgirl10, Sarasparks, Mist566, Vampireart4, xXsparkwolfXx, and Puppydog58.

Can I join?

Sorry, but, no. There was a troll attacking at the time and unfortunately, it is banned anyway.

How did DoggieART get it's collab name?

Petshopface was going to do BananaART, but it was taken. And so was catsanddogs. So petshopface did DoggieART cause of SHE wanted to do a dog or puppy username and it was the only one she could think of.

DoggieARTists notes

If you are a part of DoggieART feel free to add a note here.

Bad news...

A troll hacked in. :( He said the f word and stuff, so yeah...

DoggieART pictures

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