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Welcome to the Disney Create wiki, a wiki site for the Create widget of Disney, the housing of over millions of pieces of art by thousands of young artists! So come on over and view one of the largest galleries of kids' art in the world. Create a painting, comic, mashup and more, and share it online with millions of Disney fans!


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Staff and Mods

All staff at this wiki indeed are minors who are all artists or former artists on Disney Create. For instance, me, your founder, is lil_nan. Be let known that we, the staff, moderate all edits made to all articles on this wikia. We will not be held responsible for anything that happens because of this.

We are not currently in need of new admins/mods. If at any point we are, the front page will be edited to state so.

Editing Staff

Founder- Lil_Nan

Administrators- Lil_Nan, PicklezTheGreat, Bo Bo Joe, 5sunset5

Editing Moderators- Lil_Nan, Reeba02, Mistburryz, PicklezTheGreat, Blueberry500

Chat Moderators- Birdie*22, CasualGirl10, Katebith, Maximum Fire, Zuesdemigod2002

We, the staff, work hard to contribute, edit, and build this Wiki, and ask that you do not make any major edits to our pages (such as deleting all information on a page) without permission from a Disney Create Wiki moderator. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: The users and moderators of this wiki do not play any such role of superiority in the Disney corporation or the section of Disney Create. Keep this in mind as you browse our site that we are none more than users on the site.

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