All of you have heard of the ruthless, unkind company that is called "Disney" (the name hurts) the company that secretly no one likes, we just like the rides at their park. Their team of Web, has been discontinued, except maybe a few parts that still keep the site running. All of us are sad about the recent termination of Disney Create, and the almost monotone uncaring end of our precious website, I mean they didn't even seem to care. THe day it shut down all of my friend I introduced DC to started crying at school. One of them refused to do any work and just stared at their feet instead of caring. Because we have all grown around DC, and then it is ripped out of our lives and we fall. And Disney just blinked it all away. All. Disney indeed is too nonchalant and blasé to even care. They did not show a titch of sympathy. and, I don't know, they couldn't have just kept up a part of the website with our art? And then they could have us be able to work a painter? No why the heck not! THe Pixel Painter was an idea, but no, they just took the fricking thing down. What harm would it have to keep it up? I guess our happiness is too much for those twits to handle.

Anyways, to access our old art, as many of us are saddend by the loss because of time restraint, (Not to mention how a fourth of that time we couldn't access anything) We need a direct way to contact them. Do not be angered by the employees, because the employees aren't the ones that are being so rude. It is the people from the top.

Now, the emails are easily discarded. They don't even seem to care about emails, so that is equally cared about on their end as you sitting in a corner eating your fingernails. So if you have a more fluid way to access them, that would be helpful. Clearly there still is a way to access all of Disney Create. There is probably still the data to all the art. There is a posiblitly of a future DC, but I sincerly doubt it.

Now that you have read all of this, instead of commenting why this is here, or deleting or editing the page, send an email to so I can tell you my motives for creating this. I know this shouldn't be a page, so if you want to remind me send me an email.

Thank you for your time.

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