DC_Artist was a group of artists on DC who joined in 2013. They are known for making contests, and are confirmed to be a Disney Create worker in the place of a casual artist on DC, despite its promoted contests. Although the DC_Artist account is most likely DC workers, they seems to try to act like a normal user. They ended their career on Disney Create with around 1,000 fans.

Rumors of DC_Artist

Many Create enthusiasts had thought that DC_Artist was a Disney Create worker. Proof of this being:

  • They only made contests, and all of them got featured with voting.
  • They did not have favorite artists or favorite art.
  • Their generic d-name, DC_Artist.
  • Their style seemed to change per every drawing.
  • They did not interact with other artists; no drawing them, requests, letters, etc.
  • Despite the above, there were few times when DC_Artist had commented a thank you on art featuring them in a collage of favorite artists.


DC_Artist rarely draws on DC, but seemed to have left their hiatus during winter months. This artist made a new picture when each of the previous contest results were in.


Here is a list of DC_Artist's contests, in order:

  1. "Draw your favorite character"
  2. "Draw your favorite food"
  3. "Fantasy Character Contest"
  4. "Sweater contest"
  5. "Oz Hair Style Contest"
  6. "Spring Fairy Contest"
  7. "Baby Animal Contest"
  8. "Great Outdoors Contest"
  9. "Self Portrait Contest"
  10. "Pep Rally Contest"
  11. "Perfect Picnic Contest"
  12. "Fave Musician Contest"
  13. "Perfect Pet Contest" 
  14. "Fave Actor/ Actress" 
  15. "Dream Vacation Contest" 
  16. "School Fashion Contest"
  17. "Horse Contest"
  18. "Winter Sports Contest"

Favorite Character



1st: sesiam25 - Mabel

2nd: DisneyGloves - Simba

3rd: Pikapikachu66 - Winnie the Pooh

Honorable mentions/voting:

Sterlingknight1 - Pocahontas 

Hotaru-chan15 - Rapunzel

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