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Don't ever change you, because there is nobody like you. Don't be afraid to do things your way, because you're unique. Never give up on your dreams, because dreams come true.

- Cutie_Cat1001

About Cutie_Cat1001

Cutie_Cat1001 is a Semi-Popular artist with 1,000+ fans and 40,000+ stars. Cutie Cat no longer draws on Disney Create.

Her deviantart is


Animals: Horses, Puppies, Kitties, and Unicorns

Food: Tacos, Cupcakes, Cake, Ice Cream, and Pizza

Drinks: Juice (mostly Peach, Orange and Cranberry) Cola, and Rasberry Lemonade

Colours: Hot Pink, Lime Green, Aqua Green, and Magenta

Tv Shows: Jessie, Good luck Charlie, and Many others :D

Season: Summer and Fall

I love fashion, i usually dress like Emma Ross from Jessie xD

 Group Accounts

I am a part of a few group accounts, including Paint_Puppies (Banned) , Artmixers, and SparkleKIttenz.

Sorry, but I cannot join anymore group accounts due to all of the banning.


I have dark brown hair, always in a ponytail, shoulder length, and dark brown eyes. I have tiger print glasses

DC Friends :D.

DCFs: PinkShimmer16, Lucy100-, ROCKY-COOKIE, VEEN-RED-ROSE, PonyPrincess780, Candifloss, Lilderpderp, Isparklehearts, Mockingjay1001, BaltoCreations, Petshopface, Birdie*22, LLDelapa, CasualGirl10, Zuesdemigod2002, Lilythewolf11, Verena-Chan, theTARDISrocks, QueenDaphnee, Fizzywizzysoda, Maximum Fire, Bo Bo Joe, Watername2468, Katebith, Bubbleskirt, Dani-Chan, Lovie-Chan, Bronypowa snivyluver, xXRavenLightXx aka Raventhepersonlol and many more :D

My Bestest DCF: 123LoveLost

If I have forgotten anyone, please tell me

Other Things:

  • I have my ears pierced by i never really wear earrings.
  • I got my D-name from one of Theyashd's comics (now i really think its coping, and i'm sorry!)
  • I own two Shih-Tzus and a Silky Terrier
  • I draw with a mouse
  • I never rode a rollercoaster with a loop.
  • I Play animal jam, Webkinz (2000jrz if you want to add me) , Pixie Hollow, and Disney Create
  • I Can't play computer games well
  • I am left handed but use a right handed computer
  • My least favourite subject is Math.

Mai Mascots

Akita (PPG)

Mickey (PPG)

Kiera (PPG)

Leah (PPG)

Summer (Wolf)

Eria (Wolf)

Violet (Not approved Wolf) Hope nobody forgot me on DC :( Love u guys!

Mai DC Pet

Name: Bella

Species: Fruit Bat

Age: 3 years

Likes: Cookies, Pink, Flying, Flowers

Dislikes: The dark, monsters, quiet places

Coloration: Pink, White, and magenta


She is a pink bat, with a white face with a pink heart. she has one pink ear with magenta and white stripes, and a white ear with magenta stitches. Her wings are white, and has magenta stiches. She has glowing pink eyes, and her special wing pattern is starting to show.

Other: She was invented by me a long time ago (she is in mai really old art) then disappeared for a while. She came back in june of 2013. My sister also has a few bats (Ponyprincess780: Agnes, Snuggles) which are some of her bffs.

Bella's BFFS: Nugget, Spike, Meowers, Bridget Agnes, Snuggles

Mai Favorite art of mine :D

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