Creating a comic is a popular choice on Disney create. Comics often get popular considering everyone would like to have an oc included. Most comics are not entirely original, especially the MLP ones. They usually are based of an episode, but replace characters with their own ocs. Another form of a comic are wolves, people color over wolf stamps and create their own creative comic using wolfs characters they made. People rarely make journal comics anymore, journal comics tell a story of the main character's personal life. Another common form is adoptables, artists draw many characters (usually ponies) and offer to give them away. Most comics usually include how things came to be in the storyline. Disney only allows up to six pages in a comic.

Tips on making a good comic:

Feel free to add your own tip!

Offer to use other peoples ocs in the story. It is not always the best idea to use popular characters, someone may enjoy to have their oc in your comic more.

Examples of pages from comics on create:

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