Collab Accounts

A collab account is when two or more artists get together and create one account to draw on. Collab accounts were started by Allykat11- and a group of friends such as theyashd and shelbybeagle. They created the first known collab account called "Hipstercrew". After this had been going on for a while Mockingjay1001 had gathered a group of friends and made the account "CreateFriends." After this happened, collab accounts started to become more popular.

Lists of collab accounts

  • Hipstercrew (banned)
  • Createfriends (banned)
  • createcatz (banned)
  • paint_puppies (banned)
  • Art_monsterz (banned)
  • Bestwolffriends (banned)
  • Thedaisyartists (banned)
  • Artmixerz
  • Lucy1002 (banned)
  • DoggieART
  • Discodudes
  • Whovians_United
  • crazy_ARTists (dont know i that is the final name it is still on guest) anyone can join just say on livechat when you are going on and when you log off


It has been shown that Disney Create is against collab accounts. Recently a lot of collab accounts have received emails telling them that they have been shut down or temporarily banned. Disney is against sharing ANY "personal" info over the accounts. This could simply be drawing a picture of all of yourselfs together. Here are some tips to avoid being banned.

  1. Do not make it so obvious that you are a collab account. Such as the name, like saying pals or friends or artists in the title.
  2. Try not to contact each other over the account, such as talking on the same picture
  3. Disney can see your unapproved art. Be cautious on what you say
  4. Try to avoid drawing pictures that others can add on to, adding different styles will give away that you are a collaborated account
  5. Do not go on the collab account at once (kind of impossible).
  6. Dont mention the artists in the accounts names on their own account.
  7. When grouping people try to keep it small. Everyone has a different style and too many people may give it away!
  8. Lastly I suggest you do not try to make a collab account. Unless you are sneaky about it, you will be banned. Be subtle, like a ninja...

What the Warning says:

Dear ________(insert Account ID here),

We are writing to inform you that based on a violation of the Disney Code of Conduct we have terminated your account. 

In order to comply with your account termination, you must immediately cease use of all Disney Web Sites and destroy all materials obtained from such sites and all copies thereof, whether made under these terms of use or otherwise. Any future attempts to obtain and/or access a Account will be denied. 

All rights are reserved. 

Thank you, 

The Disney Online Team


Basically I suggest you DO NOT make a collab account. You will eventually get banned unless you keep it on the down-low. But remember, it is for your online safety.

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